Ann Marie Kelly

Dear Editor,
I am writing to express my absolute dismay and outrage that Mary Mc Aleese got re-elected, I feel that our democratic rights have been taken away from us due to bullying from our main political parties Fianna Fßil and Fine Gael. I refer to the absurd requirements of needing support of 4 County Councils or 20 TDs, in order to even be in contention for President. I learned that the Presidents role was to be separate from the Government. This obviously is not the case. Any candidate should be allowed contest the election regardless of Political affiliation and status. Are we living in democracy or dictatorship? Also any candidate would have been more desirable than Ms. McAleese. The role of the President is not just to be a glorified figurehead but to act as guardian to the Constitution which is the core legal document of our State. Ms. McAleese has not nor will she perform this function adequately. I feel that a huge overhaul is needed as the stale and stagnant world of politics is slowly but surely tainting all that we hold sacred including our Constitution. I also wish to commend those in Galway County Council who defied those at the top and supported Dana's bid, namely Daniel J Callanan and Niall O Bhrolchain.
Yours Sincerely
Ann Marie Kelly

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