Ann Marie Kelly

Dear Ann Marie,
I'm forwarding the e-mail below to you - in case you are not on Siobhan Nevin's circulation list.
What I think would be really good now, is if the Green Party NATIONALLY were to PROMPTLY put their weight behind your campaign to defend Article 28A of the written Constitution of our State: particularly when it appears to be the case that Celtic Waste / Greenstar have actually made a small start at moving onto the Kilconnell site during the past few days.
It is my view that the more established Celtic Waste/Greenstar (largely owned by National Toll Roads) become on the Kilconnell site, the more difficult it will be to prevent them from starting up their dumping operations there.
Best wishes,
Billy Finnerty.
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Sent: Sunday, October 10, 2004 8:29 PM
Subject: [siobhannevin2004] Greens Unanimously Back Kelly Case Against Proposed Superdump

+++ Green Party Press Release +++ 
Greens Unanimously Back Kelly Case Against Proposed Superdump 
The Green Party in East Galway has announced its support for Ann
Marie Kelly's legal action to halt the proposed massive landfill
in Kilconnell, Co. Galway. 

Ann Marie Kelly explained, "The Greens held a meeting last
Sunday, and some members invited me to talk to them.  I
explained that the law was changed to allow county managers to
go against the wishes of elected councillors and grant
permission for superdumps, and that in my view that new law is
unconstitutional.  I asked the party for their support and I'm
delighted that they agreed to do so.  I'd like to thank them for
listening to me and for agreeing to support my case on behalf of
my local community." 
Siobhan Nevin, who was the party's local election candidate in 
Tuam, added "I am pleased to be able to support Ann-Marie in her 
action to defend the people of Kilconnell against the threat of
a massive landfill site which would devastate their quality of
life and injure their health.  We've been working on this issue
for a long time and it's only right that we are supporting
Ann-Marie now." 
Michelle Walker, the secretary of the party's East Galway
constituency branch, explained "The membership voted unanimously
to give Ann-Marie the local party's backing in the case she is
taking on behalf of her local community. Landfills on this scale
are against the party's 'zero waste' policy, which is to promote
maximum levels of recycling and aims to progressively eliminate
waste altogether through better product design."

'Zero Waste' is a policy idea gaining support across the
political spectrum in Ireland and worldwide.  It involves
maximising recycling through greater investment in
infrastructure, separating all organic materials for composting,
and storage of unrecyclable waste in small scale, locally based,
clean, segregated sites known as 'cleanfill'.  The long-term
objective is to avoid manufacturing any product which cannot be
either recycled or safely returned to the environment.  This
would be done through improvements in product design over ten or  
twenty years.  Zero Waste policies are already being implemented
by provincial and national governments in New Zealand,
Australia, Canada and the U.S. and by a number of well-known
manufacturing companies, such as HP, Fuji Xerox, Gillette,
Fetzer Vineyards, Epson and Panasonic. 
The Green Party also supports the idea of Resource Recovery
Parks, being promoted by Zero Waste Alliance Ireland who
recently made a presentation on the subject to Galway City
Ann-Marie's father Brendan, who is a member of the party, said
"I'm very proud today.  Proud of my daughter in the brave stand
she's taking, and proud of our party for supporting her."
+++ ENDS +++ 
Siobhan Nevin: 086 8179600, 093 39807,
Ann Marie Kelly: 087 9420735, 09096 87778 
Further Information: 
Siobhan Nevin is the Green Party's Regional Co-Ordinator for the 
North West (Connacht, Ulster and Clare) and she stood as a
candidate for the party in this year's local elections in the
Tuam area. 
Ann Marie Kelly is not a member of any political party.  She
stood as an independent in this year's elections in the
Ballinasloe area. She is taking a case challenging the Waste
Management (Amendment) Act 2001 on the basis that it breaches
Article 28A of the Irish Constitution.  A document explaining
the basis of her challenge is included with this email.

A copy of the Zero Waste Ireland presentation to Galway City
Council is also included with this email.

Siobhan Nevin 2004 Election Campaign Group
(Ask your friends if they'd like to help too!)

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