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Ballyfa is basically just Wards shop/petrol station/bar/hall.  It is directly at the junction of the R348 and the R350 roads, where one direction leads to Loughrea, another to Ballinasloe, another to Athenry and the fourth is for local access alone.
From Ballinasloe:
Take the Kilconnell/New Inn/Athenry road out of Ballinasloe.  After 8 miles you will reach Kilconnell, and after a further 5 miles you will reach New Inn.  Ballyfa is about 1mile beyond New Inn, which makes it about half way to Athenry.  At Ballyfa, there is a junction.  Right is local access only, left is to Loughrea and straight on is to Athenry.  Wards Pub will be on the left hand side, directly at the junction.
From Athenry:
Take the Kiltullagh/Ballinasloe road out of Athenry.  You will pass Kiltullagh, though it may not be signposted.  About 11-12 miles in total from Athenry you will find Ballyfa and Wards Pub.  There is a junction with the left for local access only, the right will lead to Loughrea and straight on will lead to Ballinasloe.  Wards pub is on the right, directly on the junction.  If you reach New Inn, you have gone about 1mile too far towards Ballinasloe.
From Loughrea:
Take the New Inn road out of Loughrea.  After about 5 miles you will pass through Bullaun.  After a further about 4 miles you will find Ballyfa and Ward's Pub.  It is at a junction, where to the left lies Athenry, to the right lies Ballinasloe and straight on is for local access only.  Wards Pub is on the right, directly at the junction.



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Map of Galway Bay Area (showing Athenry)
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